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  • Baroncelli Lady Day & Night

    One watch, three straps.

    Discreet, elegant or provocative, the new Baroncelli Lady Day & Night watch is designed to complement every form of woman audacity. Whether working, shopping or at a party, its three easily interchangeable straps can be adapted to any occasion.

    The Baroncelli Lady Day & Night watch offers three different styles in a single watch, with semi-matt black leather, glossy lacquered red leather or grey satin-look fabric.

    Its perfectly round stainless steel case reveals a magnificent white mother-of-pearl dial surrounded by a grained white flange. Echoing this shimmering centre, three diamonds are placed at 3, 9 and 12 o’clock to give this rare model extraordinary radiance.

    These refined aesthetics conceal the Caliber 80, a next-generation automatic movement which offers up to 80 hours of power reserve. Its exceptional autonomy frees the mind from worrying about the passing time.

    The Baroncelli Lady Day & Night on the semi-matt black leather strap is delivered in a special presentation box containing the two interchangeable straps.

    Baroncelli Lady Day & Night - M039.

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