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  • MIDO x Red Bull Cliff Diving - Bilbao

    Bilbao, 14th of September 2019

    On September 13th and 14th, the 24 best cliff divers in the world – 14 men and 10 women – met in the city centre of Bilbao (Spain) for the 7th and last stop of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2019. Diving from the La Salve Bridge just in front of the Guggenheim Museum surely made this final stop the most architectural and urban one of the whole season. What a better place than this fascinating city for MIDO, Official Performance Partner of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2019 and whose philosophy is to be inspired by architecture.

    Credit: Dean Treml - Red Bull Content Pool - Jonathan Paredes 02

    At the end of this stop – the seventh and last stop of this 2019 series – the Mexican cliff diver and MIDO Friend of the Brand Jonathan Paredes scored 390.95 points. His extreme precision, pure lines and grace allowed him to grab the 2nd place.

    Alessandro De Rose – Italian cliff diver and MIDO?Friend of the Brand - scored important points and climbed to the 6th?place.

    Credit: Dean Treml - Red Bull Content Pool - Alessandro De Rose 02
    Credit: Romina Amato - Red Bull Content Pool - Gary Hunt 01

    Gary Hunt, winner of this seventh stop, was awarded a MIDO Ocean Star Diver 600. Water-resistant up to a pressure of 60 bar, shock-resistant and perfectly legible even in the darkness of the sea depths, the Ocean Star Diver 600 is the diving watch par excellence.?

    Winner of 5 of the 7 stops, with a total of 1160 points, Gary Hunt is unsurprisingly the overall champion of this 2019 edition. MIDO Friend of the Brand Jonathan Paredes (MEX) had a great season and finishes on the podium, in 2nd place. Meanwhile Alessandro De Rose, Italian cliff diver and MIDO’s Friend of the Brand, gets the 9th place.


    Here is the final ranking of this 2019 season:

    1. Gary Hunt
    2. Jonathan Paredes (MIDO Friend of the Brand)
    3. Andy Jones
    4. Constantin Popovici
    5. Michal Navratil
    6. David Colturi
    7. Oleksiy Prygorov
    8. Catalin Preda
    9. Alessandro De Rose (MIDO?Friend of the Brand)
    10. Blake Aldridge
    11. Kris Kolanus
    12. Steven LoBue
    13. Aidan Heslop
    14. Slavik Kolesnikov

    MIDO?is very proud of his Friends of the Brand Jonathan Paredes and Alessandro De Rose and congrats them for their amazing performances.


    Credit: Dean Treml - Red Bull Content Pool - Podium

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